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Taking Care of Your Estate as Your Family Grows

Most young parents do not think about dying or becoming seriously ill or injured. As unlikely as such a serious event is when we are young, it is a possibility. This is why we pay for medical insurance, disability insurance,…

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An Overview of Power of Attorney Appointments

As a precautionary measure, you should make provisions in case you become incapacitated and require someone to manage your affairs when you become incapacitated. These legal documents can grant broad authority to one or more power of attorney agents to…

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A Family Caregiver’s Job Is Not Like Any Other

In terms of elder care, isn't it more sensible for a family member to provide assistance at home rather than paying someone else or taking them to a nursing facility? The family member can pay the bills, balance the checkbook,…

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Probate: Understanding the Process

During probate court, a person's will is validated and the executor is responsible for handling the decedent's assets, debts, and final tax filings legally and according to the decedent's wishes. To begin probate, a personal representative or executor must file…

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As Baby Boomers Retire, States Prepare for The Challenges

The United States is experiencing demographic and cultural shifts. The baby boomer generation continues to “gray” the country and is changing the way individual states set budgets and health care policies. More attention will be paid to the needs of…

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Dementia Directives for Hand Feeding and Hydration

Sadly, many of us have witnessed the slow and dehumanizing death of loved ones and friends suffering from Alzheimer's. In the final stages of this and other dementia diseases, there comes a time when your loved one can no longer…

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